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Incentive to the culture

Souza Cruz continues to invest, year after year, in the promotion of national culture

Souza Cruz has a long history of supporting cultural initiatives in Brazil, being a pioneer within the BAT group in several of these projects. Despite regulatory restrictions that for more than a decade have limited the performance of the company in this direction, the company continues to invest in supporting culture in the country.

Among the supported projects are plays, film productions and exhibitions. And the role of Souza Cruz goes further: in 2015, for example, the company had a part in the reform of the traditional concert hall in Rio de Janeiro, Cecilia Meireles Hall, and sponsored the initiative Domingo no MAR (Sunday at MAR), granting gratuity to all visitors on the last Sunday of each month at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

The company is proud to have taken part in important cultural projects in Brazil. The Free Jazz Festival, the Hollywood Rock and the Carlton Dance were some of the initiatives supported by the company that brought the country great world exponents of music and the arts.