The company

Leader and winner, Souza Cruz contributes for more than a century to the country's development

To be leader in a segment full of challenges for over 100 years would give enough reasons for Souza Cruz to be proud.. However, the satisfaction is even bigger. After all, it was reached with ethics, stimulating all its productive chain, stimulating the development of the country and delivering to its consumers the best products on market.

Throughout its centennial history, Souza Cruz coexisted with economical, social, environmental and regulatory challenges. The  obstacles ithas found during all the way helped the company to develop one of its prominent characteristics: resilience.

Its ability to adapt in order to overcome adversities allows  Souza Cruz to be one of the most important companies of Brazil and Latin America. The company, however, understands that it does not depend only on itself for such: the sustainable growth of long term shall only be possible if all its productive chain and the external environment also prosper.

In this sense, Souza Cruz is proud of being of great relevance to Brazil and to have true national reach. In 2015, it had 78,1% of share on formal domestic market, while its tobacco exportations had achieved 108 thousand tons.

In the same year, Souza Cruz collected more than R$ 10 billion in tributes that generated income to 80% of the cities. This capillarity is also present on its distribution structure. The company directly supplies more than 300 thousand points of sale, spread around 5,5 thousand Brazilian cities, being one of the most complexes operations of distribution of BAT Group and one of the most extensive in Brazil.

Generation of wealth for all the production chain

Souza Cruz employ 6,6 thousand people directly, beyond generating 240 thousand workplaces indirectly. This number includes the 27 thousand integrated producers, responsible for the tobacco farming, which is recognised as one of the best in the world.

Souza Cruz has always considered familiar agriculture as the main pillar of its business. It was pioneer ,almost one hundred years ago, in the development of the Integrated System of Production of Tabaco (ISPT), consolidated production model that since then is being modernised to increase the prosperity of the producer and to reduce the environmental impact due to the culture.

The concern about sustainability is not only in the field, but in all activities of Souza Cruz, such as renewable energy matrices for factories and plants and stimulation of good environment practices. The results are expressive, as the carbon neutralization rate is 83% and recycling rates in 98,12%.

Socially, the main initiative of Souza Cruz is Instituto Souza Cruz. Created in 2000, it has as objective to keep alive the traditions of familiar agriculture and to renew them by strengthening  agricultural youth. In 17 years, 2,3 million people has already been benefited by its projects.

Souza Cruz Delisting

Souza Cruz always was recognized for its long history of solid distribution of shares and interests for its shareholders. For many times, the company was awarded for its performance from the point of view of the investors.

Due to performance and the credibility constructed by Souza Cruz, BAT acquired in 2016 the shares of the Souza Cruz, closing, thus, the capital of the company.


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