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The unchallenged leader of the Brazilian cigarette market, Souza Cruz is a brazilian company controlled by British American Tobacco, the most international tobacco group in the world, with its brands sold in 180 countries.

Founded in April 1903 in Rio de Janeiro by a Portuguese immigrant, Albino Souza Cruz, the company is involved in the entire production cycle, from growing and processing tobacco to the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes.

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Souza Cruz has been operating responsibly for over 100 years. Learn a little more about our company.

Tobacco and our products

Souza Cruz has led the Brazilian cigarette market for over 100 years, involved in the entire production cycle.


The individual talents of our people have made it possible to build a company like Souza Cruz. Find out how to join our team.


Over more than 100 years, Souza Cruz has been aiming at long term results through socially responsible practices.